Hi ive been playing The guitar for some time now, and i practice every day, the problem is were to go know, i started playing before i could even name a song with a guitar in it, learnt scales chords ect and just messed around on it, i really think iv developed my own style of playing through this and now im taking it more seroisuly i just wonderd were to go next,

iv learnt as many songs as i can and im playing around 8 hours a day at least, but i seem to have hit a road block and dont no what to do next, im into alsorts of music from jazz to metal blues to latin. I really need to know more about composition i guess and how to improve my all round guitaring please help

thanks for reading this massive essay lol

Hi carl, i just read you're song, but i cant help you for i have only been playing guitar about 2 months and am still in an extreme stage of learning. I currently can play Smells like teen spirit, some chords and scales, and am looking for another song to learn.
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Maybe you can try digging deeper into theory. Learn all you can...it couldn't hurt.
But it sounds to me like you've reached that stage where you want to break free and be on your own instead of learning everyone else's material.
I reached this point myself...I wanted something new, something fresh, and I wanted to create...start showing ME instead of everyone else's songs and licks.
One way to break that is to go online and find all the free backing tracks you can. They're songs with no words and you can just jam with them. Most are 4 to 6 minutes long so you have alot of time to discover things. I start out with a track and find what key it's in...then I experiment with scales to see which ones fit best and I begin improvising...playing random licks, trying note sequences, whatever. If I really like the track and I come up with good ideas I remember them and I record it. Some I keep around and just free jam over them...I still find the right key and scales, but I don't try to organize anything and just let my fingers do what they will...and I usually come up with something different every time.
Some people don't like backing tracks, because in reality the music is still someone else's and you're just soloing over it. So if backing tracks aren't what you're after you may try this:
Write your own backing tracks and record them to jam over. I suggest Acoustica Beatcraft for drums...it's the easiest drum program I've ever used and it really sounds good, too. There's nice selection of kits and you can even mix and match them. Without reading the manual you can get a basic beat going in minutes. Once you get the hang of it, you can program whole sequences with rolls, fills, whatever.
You may also want to consider getting an inexpensive bass guitar and amp and record your own bass lines, too. Then the creative experience is all yours.
I'd try the backing tracks first, though...it's the easiest route. You may find this is just what you were looking for...a way to break out of the rut of other people's material.
Good luck to you!
Thanks that s great advice i have played around makin some backing tracks with my studio but iv just never got that finesse iv been looking for but i am experimenting, i just play all day some days and record what i have iv got a nice bank of licks and stuf goin on but i just to take it all to the next level.
many thanks