You know that's a piano right? I'm sure someone could tab it but I doubt anybody here will.
yea thats a piano, but i'm sure that a big part of the song could be played with a guitar.
Most of the notes are clear so I believe someone with a good musical ear could do it
Also, there's a score of this song, if someone know where I could find it it would be nice too
Hm looks like there aren't any piano scores online

This'd be quite hard to transcribe for guitar... =D
really ? damn...
Some parts are way too low-pitched.
Anyway, I found there's a guy on www.pianofiles.com that has it...maybe I could try to trade a copy and then tab it for everyone :p
I always thought that a sweet piano song to transcribe to guitar would be Silhouette by Opeth. You can actually pick out parts of the song where you could sweep and tap those parts on guitar. That'd be awesome if somebody ever did it.
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