Come gaze in awe at my super awesome extremely difficult pedal (sorta) build!

Here is my godly hands modelling this object of beauty.

Keeley and Analog man both begged me and offered a substancial amount of money for my extremely top secret schematic for this. I said nah.


Comments welcome
yeah, but this looks cooler. nice job.
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Haha, congrats on the DIY work.

If only it wasn't made out of plastic.
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lmfao..you couldnt just buy a 20 quid a/b box?

but well done anyway =]

Jacks £4
Switch £5

Not bad for £9 eh?

And Since these pictures, I have labelled the pedal with some old sticker paper.

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Haha, congrats on the DIY work.

If only it wasn't made out of plastic.

Meh, its sturdy enough, and I hit my pedals very delicately, and I'll only be using this between songs to switch to a tuner.
very nice. but why didnt you put the jacks where the knobs were?
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