Ok so we have to say what the metaphorical meanings behind these poems are and mine is the poem at the end of Death of A Martain. Keidis wrote it a while back and dedicded to use at the end of the song which is about Fleas dog that died while they were recording but says he doesnt know why he did it. When asked about what it means he says it has a strong metaphorical meaning to me but most people dont understand it. Heres the poem...

She's got a sword in case
Though this is not her lord in case
The one who can't afford to face her image is restored to grace.
No trace.
Musky tears.
The down turn brave little burncub
Bearcareless turnip snare rampages
Pitch color pages...
Down and out but not in Vegas,
Disembarks and disengages.
No loft.
Sweet pink canary cages plummet
Pop dewskin fortitude for the sniffing black noses
That snort and allude to the dangling trinkets
That mimic the dirt cough go drink its.
It's for you.
Blue battered naval town slip kisses
Delivered by duck muscles and bottlenosed grifters
Arrive in time to catch the late show.
It's a beehive barrel race.
A shehive stare and chase wasted feature
Who tried and failed to reach her.
Embossed beneath a box in the closet
That's lost.
The kind that you find when you mind your own business.
Shiv sister to the quickness before it blisters
Into newmorning milk blanket.
Your ilk is funny to the turnstyle touch
Bunny whose bouquet set a course for bloom without decay.
Get your broom and sweep the echoes of yesternights fallen freckles...away...
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