Hey guys I am looking to get my first strat and need some help choosing between these two. A Classic 60's Strat or the Jimmie Vaughan Signature Strat. I have read about the two and am just trying to decide which is the better guitar between them. I can get the Classic 60's on sale at my local store for 560 or the JV Strat for 650 at guitar center? I'm really not sure on if i want to get another rosewood neck guitar even though it's cheaper or get the maple JV to have something different but cost more...... What do you guys think are the features on the JV worth getting or should I get the 60's on sale?

Just get whichever one you like more. You're talking about two good Mexican Strats. You're not going to really get any more "features" with the JV, it's just a matter of personal preference.
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I'd get the 60's strat.... i don't see that much variation in the two guitars, although i wouldnt be able to tell withour playing them.... the 60's normally is like 800 dollars or so it said on guitar center, so you seem to be getting quite a good deal.... the 60's is what i would go with if i were you
if you want the maple bad enough, you can get it for the price you want at guitar center. You can get them to drop the price on the guitar and throw in extra strings, straps, case, etc. play them though to find out which you like then let them know, ask if they can do it. if they can't take your business elsewhere. just don't be unreasonable.
Yeah our guitar center opens tomorrow so maybe this weekend I will go in when the crowds have died down to see if they will haggle on the price. Thanks guys anybody else wants to comment fell free!!