I'm trying to start learning scales so I can solo/improvise. Typically what kind of scales do hardcore bands use for their solos? Like All That Remains or Glass Casket, or even like Metal bands or shredders (Buckethead, James Murphy, Muhammed Suicmez) ?
That's is kind of a wierd question dude. I say just start form the basics and learn the major scale.
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Wait, if i'm in drop c would I have to move the scale up/down the fretboard for the first 5 strings (excluding the dropped C string)
I'm not sure what do you mean about moving the scale up or down. Listen, read the lesson about the major scale here on UG. Once you'll figure it out you can work out by yourself how the fingering(sp?) works for each tuning, highly recommended btw. Don't just learn the pattern of the scale, try to figure how the notes lay on your fretboard.

Here's the link to the lesson

<Omri> I love trannys too..
I can't learn like tht, i've tried many a time. I gotta memorize the fingerings and shit first then go back and learn the theory about it. It just makes more sense to me.

So what I meant was, if I have my guitar in drop C, the major scale would not be this:


or would it? (not the big thick C though,I know that string would be wrong, what aout the other 5 though?)
Ok in drop C tuning you basicly take the first 5 srtings and tune them down buy a whole step each, so they perserve(sp?) the same form of the major scale, but the 6th string is tuned down two whole steps, so you just move the fingering on that string by a whole step.
Basicly you'll get the same formation, except the 6th string:


EDIT: You should also notice that in standart tuning and drop C the major scale is in different keys, although the fingering stays in the same position on the fretboard.
<Omri> I love trannys too..
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there isn't really a "scale" for metal, but the coolest scales for high gain are always found in classical music like harmonic minors and melodic minors.
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