madpickin03 is right, but i just upgraded my old SA260, now it will out play and dinky, and it holds its own with the high end soloists. look at it this way, you can spend $800 on a really nice jackson, or you could spend 300 on a decent ibanez, then you end up paying $500 to make it awsome.
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Ibanez SA260, EMG pups, Original Floyd, and Schaller locking tuners tuners

5150 III 4x12 Cab

P.M. If your selling one!!!
i hate jackson's neck joints, bulky like a strat, if you like em go for it, but i find that the SA, or the S would be excellent for metal with new pickups
after i get better i was thinking about getting a jackson dkmg. i also need a little more cash
Schecter Hellraiser is good for metal and for the price.

Solid, well built, fast neck, 81/85 EMG's, Floyd Rose option, all mahogony or mahogony w/maple top option, $649 street.