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Flashing Lights Sung Decadence.
4 25%
lipgloss love and broken rubber eraser flirtation
7 44%
5 31%
Voters: 16.
Flashing Lights Sung Decadence.

"It was a fucking amazing weekend with you."

The street corners, shrouded to the nines with
lovers. It was moments like these that made me
glad I live in Portland. My hand, her hand, hidden
in eachothers pockets.

"It's so fucking beautiful."

A dream. The snow fell on us as we kissed,
stoic, crowded streets too busy to care. It
seemed odd to us that anybody should be
single on a day like this, or in general.

"I fucking love you."

I love you too.

lipgloss love and broken rubber eraser flirtation

we met unconventionally by accident,
for the boy behind the screams, holding beating sticks
and a virgin soul. unappreciation never
looked so sincere. you smiled shy and red. i wonder how
it tastes; lipgloss love and rasberry tongues.
I am envy. we never spoke past introduction.
months get lost in time; slashes, paper cut numbers.
when the leaves were dry and footprint stained we'd meet again
and draw on marble, graphite implications.
empty portfolios, unfinished art, broken rubber eraser flirtation.
it would end. scribbles through my name on that case that
you carry; all your mind survives me. sticky palms
holding electronic bounds, sending your box
a ringing sound. a tongue making common sensical
noises, advising your face of adoration.
but i never say what i want to say. your smile
is still a grey scale photo, a colored taste, graphed
out unsmudgable in lonely hopeful memories.


When I was a kid
I painted with my fingers
and my mum shouted at me
for being messy
and for covering myself
in a real life rainbow.

as I got older
I tired of always having dirty hands
so I tended to use a brush to paint
because that way I could create art
without getting myself messy
and without my mum shouting at me.

and as I aged even more
I didn't feel the need to paint at all
for I now had my perfect portriat
lying next to me in my bed
and wrapped up in my arms.
I'm really pretty indifferent to all these at the moment...
Quote by Cal UK
Alk hit the nail on the head there.
I liked the first one, but the ending brought it way down and it didn't have as much depth as I thought it should have, so I'm going with the second one.
I'm going with fingerpainting. I didn't like the use of fuck in the first one, and didn't like the wording of the second one.
Quote by Cal UK
Alk hit the nail on the head there.
The second has one odd sentence at the beginning, but I dislike the use of "****ing" in the first one, despite me using it in pretty much every setence I say. And the last one seemed too unfocused on Valentines Day.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
damn you all, vote fingerpainting, it gives me a feeling of reminescince through love and all this other junk that makes me feel like i was the kind of optimistic kinda person who'd write a simple peice of beauty like that, but instead im naive and dumb.
when im with you, there's nothing I wouldn't do, i just wanna be you're only one. im gasping out of straws, taken aback by what i saw that night before when we were all alone...