i actually remember seeing this on youtube or something a month or two back. its really nice to see somebody putting some life into their playing, rather than just going for speed. the tapping part sounded a little messy, but i really cant tap at all, so i cant really crit you there. there were a couple funny notes here and there, but nothing that really subtracts from the piece. i love the main theme, sounds like a cross of santana and gilmour. nice job, keep working on it.
This is seriusly good, I can tell you put a lot of emotion into your playing. I also like how played slowly and soulfully before letting go with speed. There were some phrases/licks that wern't too good, and some bits were messy, but you played with generally good technique. Your playing reminds me of me, actaully, only you're better.

I wasn't keen on your tone but seeing your gear I can forgice that.

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I liked some of the licks there. You've got a great sense for melody. However, I think the playing was mostly rather sloppy. A lot of open string noise and the phrasing was a bit directionless too. I noticed the lack of vibrato too. Also, try cutting down the reverb on the tone and adding there some mids and lows. The tone sounded razor sharp to me. All in all, good effort.

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i like the buildup of speed very much.....adds to the dynamics, almost like a big explosion of emotion. the only thing which ruined it for me was how overly-reverbed your tone is. youve got talent, don't shroud it out with reverb bud. overall A-. good job.

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Sounds good, man. The phrasing and use of long notes really just gives you the laid-back feel. The random pinch was cool. Don't really like the tapping, but I'm not a fan of it in general. As for the fact you are improvising, it gives me an insight that you have a pretty good idea of melody and structure. Also sounds like you know your theory reasonably well (unlike me).

Only thing I can suggest is to keep practicing until you can eliminate a few bum notes from your playing. Don't reach for perfection, though, because some of the obvious stuff-ups created some cool sounds.

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