my friend is buying an RG-120(200) and a Crate 65 watt(160)
do u think theres any chance they'll give us a free gig bag/strap/instrument cable?
Those of you with GC experience.
I think you'll get a gig bag maybe but definitely not cables or straps.
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or at least give me a discount since im buying guitar and amp... so i have enough to also purchase the accesories.
You could probably get something, but proably not too much, local shops are better with the extra deals IMO.

As for Guitar Center they'll probably throw in a gig bag or give you a strap.
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or you could just negotiate the price down then use the extra $ for cables or something
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We got the guitar and amp at retail, and got a gig bag, pair of strings, strap, and cable for free.