my friend is buying an RG-120(200) and a Crate 65 watt(160)
do u think theres any chance they'll give us a free gig bag/strap/instrument cable?
Those of you with GC experience
ya just point out how u dont the like color or a small scratch sumwhere and theyll throw in a cheap gig bag or a a cable 4 free or give u mony off in which u can just buy a cable
Yes, work them down. Make them give you what you want. They'll kind of refuse or change the subject at first, but be persistent and they'll give in.
tell him to get the cube 60 instead.


the cables they give out are usually crap. but they mail u a post card says, hey, come back and get a free cable. (on next visit.)

they make money with every sale. so make sure he acts like he's upset with the deal and wants to leave.

they can work with the price of anything. and dont let him buy the protection plan.

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1st rule in negotiating: be willing to kill the deal. So if you make an offer to pay $X under the retail price and they try changing the subject, make a lower offer the next time. If they try giving you a lower discount keep going down in price until they basically give in or say they will go talk to their manager. Don't let them go get the manager. The managers are not that willing to compromise. Keep the regular employee there since he/she typically gets paid some commission for a sale so he/she wants to make the sale. The sales person usually doesn't give a damn about sales or profit margins unlike good managers. So haggle until you can get a good deal but be willing to leave the store with absolutely nothing. The sales people may get pissed off at you and refuse to sell you anything. Its happened to me before at a bike shop haha.
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Yeah,they'll definitely give you something, or at least lower the price. I bought a Epiphone Les Paul, and I was getting a gig bag for it. It was a $40 Road Runner gig bag, very nice bag. I told them I was going somewhere else for it, they gave me the gig bag for $20. Tell them that you're going to go somewhere that has those two items that you're getting plus a strap or a cable or something, they'll throw one in.