I need an amp, but figured SS was the best way to go, because I would not be able to really crank the amps to get their true tone. (I am 16 and live with my parents).


I need ANY AND ALL suggestions. I guess prices can be up to $1000CDN, as I'm buying used so it'll probably be around 500 ish.

I play stuff like Metallica and Tool, so an amp with that tone is what I need.

Also, NOT A PRACTICE AMP! I was looking and considering a Roland Cube 60, but I do not want a practice amp. Something decent, that'll last!

Thanks in advance!
Peavey tube amps have enough preamp gain that you don't really need to crank them to get good saturated tones. I bought a mint Peavey 6505 combo off of Ebay back in november for about $700 CAD.
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Dude. If you have that much to spend... DO NOT buy a SS. Simple as that. Even if you cant crank it... buy a tube amp.
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try to find a dual rectifier used...gl
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if your woried above volume go for a peavy 6505 or 5150, they souded good on below 1 volume at guitar center (as well as sounding good on 6+ :-D.)
buy an attenuator for a tube head and you'll be set, the attenuator allows you to get a "cranked" (dont even know if thats the right term) tube tone but you can lower the volume so its can sound (volume wise) like a practice amp...I dont have any experience with attenuators and this info is strictly from looking on the internet so I can be wrong. here's the website I got the info from
5150's sound good at low volumes.
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Dude. If you have that much to spend... DO NOT buy a SS. Simple as that. Even if you cant crank it... buy a tube amp.

Yeah, buy the tube just for the sake of having one, forget what would sound best for your situation, go tube.

You could swing an Ampeg VH140 for that, or Randall's G2 series is pretty promising, especially for what used ones go for.
Don't buy SS unless you're sure you like the sound... some people buy them thinking they sound great and then they get pissed at them later.

Personally, I favor SS over Tube.

But! Make sure you've played both equally as long.

...oh yea, get a Randall.
Randall are the best SS amps in my opinion- and darrel dimebag used them for hs pantera-scary tone lol.
a Roland cube 60 is far louder than a practise amp though- you may be able to gig with it- my friend jerry does anyway
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