Okay, how should i start.. Im about to buy a myself a new guitar (well secondhand actually ;P) and really like the Stagg Warlock, but the thing is that it has 2 humbuckers and no singelcoil pickup. And as far as i know you get a cleaner/brighter tone from a singlecoil pickup. So, my question is, how big is the difference in the sound from a humbucker and a singelcoil pickup? I want to be able to play all kinds of music and not just metal and i have no experiance with humbuckers so i dont know the difference in sound... Do you think i can go with the Stagg Warlock or should i buy myself a guitar with both humbucker and singelcoil pickups?

I know the best thing would be to test some guitars at my local store, but there is just one problem... I don´t have a local store to go to! xD

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Or if someone has experience of the Stagg Warlock it would be great if he/she could tell me if he/she thinks it´s a good choise