I am not that new at guitars. Yes I am young well 15 years old ut still I want to get a guitar ...electric and I am woundering is a Fender the best, and what kinds of fenders are there?
there is no better guitar.ur going 2 get a lot of les pauls and strats.go 2 guitar center try some out.i like the Gibson les Pauls
what genre do you plan on playing?

Fender is the best for starting out. Best quality for price, but they're nothing special.
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there is no best guitar. fender is good but so is Dean, jackson, gibson, and ibanez
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man i wish i was a rich enough bastard to get basically a fender as a starter just cause i felt like it. and i know a standard strats only 400 bones but still thats four hundred bones.
there's pretty much no way to tell what the "best" guitar is
there is no such thing as THE best guitar
each guitar fits different styles

of course there are guitars that have a lower quality that others and others are better crafted

for example: let's take the most famous guitars the strat and the les paul

you can get a fender strat which is made in america (or mexico depending on the model) and has a good quality and playability
then you can get a squier strat which is made in china/korea or something like that, is cheaper and therefore cant quite have the same quality as the fender strats. they're good starter guitars though

same goes with the les paul: you can get a gibby made in usa, partly hand-made with good parts or you can get an epiphone les paul which generally are viewed as not as good in quality as the gibsons (i like mine though) and are cheaper

so...don't ask for THE best guitar, ask for the guitar that fits your style/budget best...


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Fender is a good brand, has a great reputation, and tons of great guitarists play them.

Have you been playing long, if at all? I'm guessing you're a beginner, since you are asking.

It is hard to tell some who doesn't know how to play a guitar to 'go to a guitar shop and try some out' when the person doesn't know how to play and what to look for. You shouldn't get a $1,000 guitar for the first time, get something decent and improved.

If my assumption is wrong, and you are intermediate and above, then just try out guitars at a shop. The term 'best' is subjective, what's best for someone else, may not be what is best for you.

You should look for:
- Get something that suits the style you play and the look. You don't want guitar thats
is made for and looks like someone for Heavy Metal, when you are playing Country.
- Comfortable
- This is important because without comfort you would play badly. Shape is a thing to consider when playing sitting down. You want it to be comfortable. Weight, you want something that is good for you, whether you like a solid heavy body, or a light body. You don't want to stand for 10 minutes playing and you back is hurting.

Look for the specifications and whatever you need, whether you like single coil or humbuckers. What kind of bridge you want? What type of whammy you want, if you want one.

Those of just some of the things to consider when choosing the best guitar for YOU.
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Check out the reviews for the Schector S-1 Elite, The reviews have me pretty much sold. It will be my first guitar and it sounds like it's amazing.


have user reviews of most products. This site has some amazingly thought out reviews also.