i was wondering what is all of this high gain, low gain, med gain stuff. is it important when chosing a guitar for a specific type of playing/music.
considering your name you'd want high gain for metal, and yes it is important when choosing a guitar
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the guitar doesnt have gain settings, its the amp u should be concerned about. guitar deals with tone and playability.
gain does not apply to guitars it is for amps you'd want a guitar with high output pickups and a high gain amp e.g. Krankenstein Mesa Dual Rectos etc.
it should have humbucker type pickups
esp EMGs or Duncan Invaders style pickups
just dont get single coil pickups and you'll be good
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Ya, your not going to get an EMG loaded guitar and a Krank Amp if you plan on playing blues.
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um hotsauce u just named EXPENSIVE SHIZNIT, he sounds like a noob so ur gonna have to break it down
i know what emg's are the guitar im looking at has an emg-81 and 85 humbucking pickup
an imguessing that a krank amp is a tube amp
um kranks are tubes, and jacksons are pretty awesome, i love my friends RR5. they make solid guitars. Deans arent bad either.
Actually, it doesn't matter what brand of guitar you get as long as you feel that it's comfortable in your hands. My suggestion is to try them out before you buy them and not to rely on EMGs as the ultimate pickup for metal. There are plenty of after market pickups that, in my opinion, are far superior to EMGs.
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general pwnt, is pretty right to be honest. EMG's are good but u don't need them. a good pair of seymour duncan pickups is fine.i personally like the jackson RR5, it took getting used to. but its purely personal opinion when it comes to feel
you mean mesa/boogie? yeah. those things are sweet. i like fenders myself. if only i had a jcm 2000....
If your pick ups are hot...the yeah, they will be more suited for metal--I guess you can say. Same thing with EMG's, very hot pick ups and very suited for metal type playing.

Depends on the wood too, you can't just put EMG's into a non alder or maghogany body or something. .
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