Okay. There's this rare Metallica Song that I'm dying to learn and my band wants to cover it, but there's one problem... There's No tabs for it. I've tried countless times to tab it out, but I can't figure out some of the things they're playing. If anyone can Tab it out preferably on Guitar Pro or Power Tabs, I'll be very greatful.
hm, ive never heard of Buried Alive :S. its not from any of their main ones, is it off garage, or cunning stunts? or was it a one off live song?
no. the song isn't even a metallica song. It's by Mercyful Fate. i believe from the "9" album. great band and a great album.
freakin A.... i can't believe people still think that's a metallica song. christ... it's been like... 10 years since i first heard someone say it was a metallica song.