My budget is 700, I´m searching for a Metal Guitar, I have a Epiphone SG, but its not very good in Nightwish songs, so can someone tell me which guitar I need?
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any guitar can be a metal guitar, you just have to throw some high output pickups in. Active EMG's are my personal preference but theres lots of pickups out there and you should do some research and decide for yourself. But as for guitars built for metal
heres some brands to look into:

Washburn (x50 in particular)
ESP (watch out for models with agathis body wood)

www.rondomusic.com has a few models that would do nicely also.
Jackson or Ibanez with ACTIVE emgs will do it dead on. What is your amp?
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Schecter Hellraiser all the way (I have one and love it)
or watch out for LTD guitars of the 400 series and higher, they are awesome too!
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what about an Ibanez RG2550E?
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