This isn't my first poem, but it's my first free verse. I think its a bit good, but your opinions may be in a great variety of likes and dislikes. So I have posted this to settle on more than just my own thought, so please critique.

Something Special

I met her
only a few years ago
and she has known that ever since
I have liked her.
but she hasn't given me the chance.
Still I haven't given up on her
For there is something special in her presence
Something special- that makes me smile
Something special- that renders me quiet
Something special- that had no need for me to talk
Something special- that never looked me back
and that something, I will never forget.
So I wrote a whole critique on this but my computer froze. Lets hope it doesnt happen again.

I really like this piece. Its well written and it reminds me of experiences I have had personally. You never forget something like this. But you move on and progress and you look back. Sometimes it looks silly. Sometimes it doesnt. But every time you cant bring yourself to regret it. And I know where you are coming from in this piece.

Overall good job. This wasnt as long as the other critique I did for this piece. But essentially it says the same thing.

Crit mine?

Thank you for the critique. It was a weird sensation that filled my mind that I thought should be put down on paper.

Well then, anyone else?