Ok, so im thinking about buying an american strat, but i justed wanted to know how it compares to teles, what the differences are etc. I am also wondering about what kind of music i can play on fender strats or teles. I like to play rock, but nothing too heavy, I DON'T PLAY METAL. I hear that strats are more bluesy an better for clean and soft rock, but i wanna know if i can kick up the gain on it without suffering quality. i also wanted to know if it would be a good counterpart to my SG special. maybe i can use the sg for the heavy stuff and the strat for the lighter stuff. I'm also wondering about which hum cancelling pickups are good for these because if i get one i am going to upgrade because the american strats only come with single coil pickups.
It's just personal preference. I've owned 2 Strats, including an American, and I simply prefer Teles. I think the 3 sounds you get from Teles are better than the 5 you get from Strats. As far as hum-canceling, you can get the Fender noiseless or SCN pickups, but I wouldn't recommend a stacked humbucker if you really want the single coil sound. You're better off sticking with real single coils and properly shielding your guitar.
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Teles kick the shit out of strats

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strats are for men, tele's for women. not really but my friend keeps tellin me that. theyare both cool for men. unless u get it purple/pink with unicorn pictures on the body, and rainbow inlays.
teles are uglier but more playable and better sounding
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but yeah its fine
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teles are uglier but more playable and better sounding

im gonna have to disagree and say strats are pretty damn ugly.

anyways, get the tele you'll like it better, i have one and its the best guitar i have
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teles are uglier but more playable and better sounding

Damn man... teles are ****ing sexy. I love em... though the those twin Custom shop Jaguar/JAzzmaster set in metalic sparkal pink if damn sexy... hottest gutiars ever.
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teles are uglier but more playable and better sounding

and i disagree i think strats are uglier... so it's up to you on that battle.
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^^^^They are both ugly!! haha

I like Tele's a lot better tho. I think they sound way better, just IMO tho.
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i dont like how strats play and i could never make them sound good. as weird as that sounds

teles just always worked better for me. theyre so simple and yet so amazing
^ That sunburst looks terrible and in my opinion that configuration completely defeats the purpose of owning a Tele.
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go for: whichever feels better
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i wish a strat and a tele had sex and sold their kid at a reasonable price.

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Strats. teles just look wierd and dont sound as good to me