I have a concert coming up for my schools jazz band, and I'm the guitar player. I'm going to play during 2 intermissions, and I'm looking for some suggestions for some nice jazz songs. Maybe some "current" songs the general school population will notice, just a little jazzed up.
softly as in a morning sunrise
so what
cantaloupe island
giant steps(if you think your tough shit)

just throwing some out there

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Message in A Bottle by the Police. It's not really a jazz song, but, hey... Just about everyone and their mother knows this song, and it already sounds kinda jazzy, imo.
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I'm also in the Jazz Band at my high school, but the stuff that we play is anything but jazz . I don't about up in New York, but here in Mississippi there is seldom a student that can name off a single Jazz artist. I would recommend you playing somthing that has a rockier feel to keep the audience into it because, it's a concert right ? Try playing some Mike Stern or John Scofield, somthing along those lines. After you play that, I would suggest going into somthing like "Purple Haze" or "Crazy Train" just to keep the crowd entertained. Good Luck!
If you've got chops play Donna Lee, people will notice.

What instrumentation are you playing with? A combo? Bass, piano, drums?
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