Poll: Do you chew picks?
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37 55%
28 42%
Voters: 67.
Do you chew picks?

I can't stop chewing them! I probably chewed on about 20 tortex, and they arent cheap!
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I don't chew through them, but i do chew on them.
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at school.. at stores.. yea
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Yes i am
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you mean the picks that you play guitar with???
never, and they are cheap where i get em
I chew gum and I play guitar with picks. Not a bad idea eh ?
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Quote by guitar?
No, I suck on them till they jizz. Oh wait you said "picks".


Quote by guitar?
No, I suck on them till they jizz. Oh wait you said "picks".


But no seriously I don't, that'd make it annoying to play with them.
Yes i do but there is a good reason for it. Usually when i play guitar i will eventually want to finger pick so i stick the plectrum in my mouth. The thing is that i can't finger pick all that well and after about 10-20 minutes i get bored of playing and will walk out of my room.

seeing as the pick is still in my mouth when i walk out of my room i have no choice but to leave it there. We all know what seams to happen to picks that we leave lying round the house, so to make sure i don't loose the damn thing i keep chewing it.
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I will chew them automatically as soon as I stop playing for 1 second I chew on them and then as soon as I start playing BAM! back in my hands picking away. I have actually swallowed a few.

i hate chewin them, my friend chewed one of my especially thin picks to death, so i slapped him across the face with the guitar strap
Quote by guitar?
No, I suck on them till they jizz. Oh wait you said "picks".

another dumb@** reply by "guitar". i have seen two in the past five min.

it was kinda funny though.
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