I prolly sound stupid but here it goes, I have a tiny amp lol yes yes i know bad huh, but that's pretty much all i can get until I get a job. Same w/ the guitar I have an electric/acustic. ( all i can get 4 now) anyways that amp I cant figure it out it always blows out and I have to turn it off and on . HELP ME LOL PLEASE????!!!????
Go to the guitar gear and accessories forum, they know a lot more about it than most of the people you'll find in here, so you'll probably get better help. But I'd say it was a fault in the wiring, see if you can't take it to your local guitar store and let them have a look at it.
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never mind what all these liitle kids say i build amps for a living ok there right about the wiring but there not right about witch one check your ground wireing i had the same problem and man dont worry about getting a new guitar if you can play an accoustic well then play it the once you can thrash that jump to an electric and you will sound 10 time as good
^ Yeah, but your a Feb '07er and with an attitude like that people will be straight onto you in a flash n00b!
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