At guitar center, there is a used Ibanez JS1000. Here's the link

It is discounted to $849, retails at $1499.

Plays like a dream and is perfectly set up. Only issue is that the back plate over the springs is missing and there is a pretty nice scratch into the wood and paint in the upper left "wing" of the guitar. just doesn't look pretty, nothing major.

Think it is worth the money?
make sure its an JS1000 and not the "100".

If it plays good, then get it
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Quote by madpickin03
make sure its an JS1000 and not the "100".

If it plays good, then get it

+1. major difference in the two. if it is a 1000, get it, no doubt about it.
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my buddy has one and it really is a nice guitar. he doesnt play it much since he bought his 3500 dollar PRS, but i assure you its still a great axe. i'm not sure how versatile it is, but he could get a good 'punk' tone out of it as well as metal, and great clean sounds too.

looks a whole lot better in person too*
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Get it right away if its a 1000. Plus, verify the locking trem. If it's a Edge or a Lo-Pro Edge, no trouble, but if it's a Edge Pro, replace the bridge posts, there's one on both upper edge of the bridge. The ones on the Edge Pro are crap, I know many ppl that have been through because of the posts so get them change, it will cost about 30-50$ but it's a nice deal for such a guitar.
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