hey so my band A Lesser Evil put another song from our upcoming EP Quit Work Make Music. Its not 100% done but its so close....we just need some feedback on the mixing and tone. And critique on the song too!

thanks so much in advance...you're really helping us out!

http://www.myspace.com/alesserevil the song is called 3 years not final but if you dig it fell free to listen to the other song too!

crit 4 crit...

and please post honestly even if your just posting to get a crit on yours...don't post an un-honest response just so i'll give you feedback. I will give feedback no matter what.
thanks for the crit on my band, you said that the tempo with the drums was off on that last song because we may and have recorder it live and yeah we did record it live and we actually recorder all those songs live besides the first one which has vocals..

and i listened to your band and im not so into metal/pop punk but your stuff was actually good, i like how your first song changes
"Turn off your mind, Relax, and float down stream"
It's pretty good, but there are things that could get better.. The singing seems a little.... dull, maybe. Practice on getting more power into your screams, and hold the scream longer, and it'll be fine. And it felt a bit offbeat, at the first tempo change.. Nothing very serious though. The mixing and your tone seems fine, could perhaps raise the guitars a bit, but that's all preference of course. All in all, it's good stuff, so don't let my rants put you down at all, it's far more good than bad!

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