hi, i have a rg350dx and i want to replace both pickups, and i dont know what size is my pickup slot, i dunno anything about F-spaced and the other one. so which ones will fit on my guitar? thanks
Doesn't that guitar have a HSH config?
In any case, you can fit any kind of humbucker in the necka nd bridge slots. Any kind of single or single-coil sized humbucker will fit in the middle.
Yeah, you should get a F-Spaced pickup for the bridge, or with Seymour Duncan, you'd need a Trembucker.
Couple of questions:
Are you looking for pickup replacement advice? If so, what kind of sound are ya looking for? What kind of music do you play?
Why change your pickups?
What kind of amp do you have?
yea, but im not planning to change the middle one. is it okay just to change the neck and bridge and leave the middle as it is? i play metal, solo shred.
Its ok, the problem is, your combination tone may suck. If you're not using the middle pickups much or not using at all, you can just dummy it and make a 5-way 2 humbucker wiring instead. This way, your new tone would improve depends on which combination of pickup you tend to use.
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ok,. i have a roland cube 30, im gonna replace my inf pickups neck/bridge with either evo neck/bridge OR fullshred/dimebucks for neck/bridge. you thinks its a good idea for basswood ibanez (rg350dx)
I hear the Evo is a pretty revealing pickup, in that it'll show the sloppiness in your playing. I for one, am a really sloppy player, and my technique, instead of improving, works around me being a sloppy player. So that's something to think about.
And I really don't like the Dimebucker. It's pretty lame.
The Full Shred could be nice.
You should balance it out with a more mellow pickup in the neck, maybe an SH-1 '59.
im actually putting full shred on neck, just need a little bassy/mid but not muddy on bridge
Gibson BurstBucker Pro for some crunchy tone?
i like it, i hope u do too lol
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i'd personally recommend both Dimarzios for bridge/neck. They work best with basswoods.
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Evos target too much to vai tone and leaning more towards that. If you still want a bit of vai-ish tones and a bit of something else, have a look into Breeds. My personal recommendation would be tonezone/pafpro/airnorton
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
Quote by newbie-me
hmm. how about evo neck / d-sonic bridge?

I would not recommend evo for the neck...
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