if you're well-experienced, at least 15, and heavily influenced by KoRn you've got the job. I need

a drummer
a bassist

I'm very talented at what i do, and i expect that if you are all of the above that you'll learn i'm very open to any ideas and want to start writing a first album. i've already got at least three songs written. contact me at


Or you can just reply to this and if you want, you can leave your phone no.

My name is Heath Needham, and im fifteen, and anything else you need to know, you can ask me anytime.
Can't possibly be in your band, but I thought others may be curious too. Are you a vocalist?
hey guy, im jp, i live in clarke county above you, i sent you a message, but in case you didn't get it, im a guitarist, but my # is 1334-830-9751, im off on tuesday's and thursday's, but best time to call me anytime is around 10 p.m, any other ?'s then leave me a message at my address jpweatherly_9008@yahoo.com and ill get back to you, peace, keep rockn
Hey dude, I'm in Elberta/Foley kinda. I'm only 14, though... Been playing for about a year. I've got really crap gear, too, but I'm getting a real amp hopefully in a few months.

My influences have been System of a Down, Korn, and a little punk on the side.. All in all comes out for kind of a Nu-metal/Metal sound...

If you decide to lower your standards sometime, then pyrosurfer24@yahoo.com...

If not, sorry.
But hey, it's nice to know that there are still some real Metalers in Baldwin... we haven't all given in to the hardcore disease.
r u a vocalist lost_in_society? cuz i live in coffee county, i dont know how close that is to baldwin, but my band is already developed and we have songs already. we have recording stuff, mics, a band drum set...we have everything.
Rockin and Rolling
Its what I do