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+1, i had one of those capos that your looking at, and it stunk. it wasnt tight enough, and when i played the strings buzzed when played. its also difficult to take off and on.
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get the one anodetodrivebys gave the link for. i have one i dont think itll ever break and its easy to change quick
ive used it before and i dont like it... i play at 3 different bars a week and i find a different capo atleast once a week and my favorite is the Kyser Quick-Change Capo 6-String
a capo is prettymuch a capo. you have your clip capos and your screw-on capos. it's pretty hard to go wrong with them. i personally like the clippy ones. they're faster, and work just as well
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I like the Dunlop nylon strap style ones. They're not as quick as the clippy spring ones but they're smaller, tidier, and less bulky.

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