This is my 1st attempt at writing songs. There only 2 little bits but critism would be good.

All i've wanted it this life has too soon dissolved
For I won't be able to hurt anymore
And all the lies and deceit you've killed me with
Are fading into an absolute transit
The abyss of what you have done is calming
Here comes the dark, but I fear nothing
I think it'll all be ok...

I am nothing here in my head
Sitting waiting for the spoils I don't deserve
Through all these years of struggle and torment
To be, to see, to feel, to live
One life trapped in a uproar of feeling
No calming winds to take me where I want to go
So I live a life that I want out of
Just to feel sorry for myself

excellent for your first two shots at songwriting. keep up the great work, you seem to be quite natural at this. wanna crit my songs? they're in my sig
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