Anyone know of any good electric blues songs to imrov arouns, to help me imrpove my improvisation skills? Im looking for bluesy stuf in the style of Eric Clapton, BB King, SRV, and Johnny Lang. That type of blues. Any suggestions?
Joe Bonamassa is a great player. Albert King. GARY MOORE FOR SURE!!! Gary is a sick blues player.

If you wanna try something cool, play the music to SRV's Crossfire, but sing the lyrics to Rufus Thomas' Walking The Dog, they go together great
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kenny wayne sheppard, zz top, jimi hendrix, pearl jam

i like that list...anything with jimi along with pearl jam is a good one
Buddy Guy, one of the first and best blues players. I think you answered your own question. Check your influences and see who their influences were and keep working like that.
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This is gonna sound completely n00bish, but I had no idea that Kenny Wayne Sheppard sang the song "Blue on Black". I love that song and have been searching for tabs for it for awhile. Thanks for throwing his name out there for me guys.
the best blues you can pritty mich get is the top 3

"BB King"
"Jimi Hendrix"
"stevie Ray Vaungen"

(might be some spell typos)
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Gary Moore is like the perfect mix of technique and feel. He can shred when he wants, still I never heard a player with so much soul as Gary Moore.

1.T-Bone Walker
2. B.B. King
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Robert Johnson
5. Albert King
6. Eric Clapton
7. Buddy Guy
8. Muddy Waters
9. Otis Rush
10. Johnny Winter
11. Peter Green
12. Ronnie Earl
13. Freddie King
14. Mike Bloomfield
15. Earl Hooker
16. Elmore James
17. Albert Collins
18. Hubert Sumlin
19. Duane Allman
20. John Lee Hooker
21. Son House
22. Robert Cray
23. Jimmie Vaughan
24. Billy Gibbons
25. Lonnie Johnson
26. Roy Buchanan
27. Duke Robillard
28. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
29. Blind Lemon Jefferson
30. Charley Patton
31. Ry Cooder
32. Lonnie Mack
33. Warren Haynes
34. Son Seals
35. Robert Nighthawk
36. Magic Sam
37. Luther Allison
38. Mississippi Fred McDowell
39. Robben Ford
40. Roy Rogers
41. Jimmy Thackery
42. Lonnie Brooks
43. Keb Mo
44. Mick Taylor
45. Lightnin' Hopkins
46. Corey Harris
47. Steve Cropper
48. Taj Mahal
49. Blind Willie Johnson
50. Shuggie Otis
51. Johnny Copeland
52. Gary Moore
53. Rory Gallagher
54. Kim Simmonds
55. Elvin Bishop
56. Harvey Mandel
57. Coco Montoya
58. Alvin Lee
59. Jeff Healey
60. Robert Jr. Lockwood
61. Scrapper Blackwell
62. Hound Dog Taylor
63. Fenton Robinson
64. Blind Blake
65. Earl King
66. Robin Trower
67. Guitar Slim
68. John Hammond
69. Sonny Landreth
70. Smokin' Joe Kubek
71. Dave Hole
72. Alvin "Youngblood" Hart
73. Chris Vachon
74. Derek Trucks
75. Lowell George
76. Matt "Guitar" Murphey
77. Wayne Bennett
78. Amos Garrett
79. Tinsley Ellis
80. Hollywood Fats
81. Rod Price
82. George Thorogood
83. J.B. Lenoir
84. Kid Ramos
85. Luther Tucker
86. Bonnie Raitt
87. Lowell Fulson
88. Pee Wee Crayton
89. Little Charley Baty
90. Joe Louis Walker
91. Eddie Taylor
92. Guitar Shorty
93. Chris Duarte
94. Skip James
95. Anson Funderburgh
96. Keith Wyatt
97. Little Milton
98. Blind Willie McTell
99. Robert "Pete" Williams
100.Stan Webb
101.Tab Benoit
102.Joe Bonamassa
103.Michael Burk
104.J.J. Cale
105.J. Geils
106.Slim Harpo
107.David Hidaglo
108.Joe Guitar Hughes
109.Big Jack Johnson
110.Junior Kimbrough
111.Jonny Lang
112.John Mayall
113.Kenny Neal
114.Lightning Red
115.Jimmy Reed
116.Cesar Rosas
117.Kenny Wayne Shepherd
118.Magic Slim
119.Walter Trout
120.James "Blood" Ulmer
121.Henry Vestine
122.Johnny Guitar Watson
123.Bukka White
124.Howlin' Wolf

There is no specefic order, as they are all great guitarists. But this should get you going .
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I like me some Howlin' Wolf every now and then.
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well if you want to improv you can always make up a blues riff, maybe just a simple 1-4-5 riff, and jam over that

or if you wanted to go an extra step you could record on your computer then play along to it
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anyone kn ow the tab for "i want to report a crime" by guitar shorty? great song
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Gary Moore is one of my favorites. What really got me into enjoying blues guitar was Albert King.