what amps does rammstein use? just curious cus i kinda like their sound on that song Du Hast or something like that.
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It might be Recto's, I kind of thought they used ENGL's tho. Anyway, one amp wont get you their sound, no telling how many tracks they use, you could get probably pretty close with 4 or 5 Powerball's running together.
I always thought they used ENGL's, but i'm not certain
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tool and opeth definitly dont play tube amps . You cant get those distorted sounds out of it. tube is for like beatles stuff right?

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Richard I know uses rectifiers. I think 5 of them going at once through Marshall Cabs. And a shit load of rack gear. Paul pretty much has the same set up except replace all the rectos with powerballs
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Paul Landers uses ENGL's (Though I thought they would be a little bright for their sound) but I'm not sure how long he's been using them
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