im looking into buying a new guitar but im tied between the schecter avenger and a dean razorback. HELP!!!
i need a good distortion pedal too. i need something really heavy though, something that sounds like anthrax or pantera. any suggestions?
Ok, here are some +s and -s on those 2 guitars (since all the different Razorbacks in that range are almost identical except for graphics). Avenger: +s: EMGs, well made, probably a little underpriced. -s: very weird shape, may be difficult to play, shredding may be strange.
Razorbacks: +s: less weird shape (though still weird), probably easier to shred and play, cool graphics. -s: Licenced Floyd Rose, Dimebucker bridge pickup, may be painful if you make a wrong move (lol), possibly easier to damage (due to its extreme jagedness)
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