I play in a death metal band and we're starting to get considerably "big" locally. Im sick of playing a 6 string and tuning it down so damn low so its definately time for a 7 string. Im looking to spend around 2000 on it. Ive never owned a 7 string before so i dont really know what im looking for. Any help i can get here would be appreciated. Im almost thinking i might have to get a custom one made because the only ones i have been able to find are crappy 500 dollar things. The problem with that is i dont really have 6 grand to spare
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anyways maybe you want to look into a baritone guitar?? theres not much on the market as far as high-end 7 strings that i know of..
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theres not much on the market as far as high-end 7 strings that i know of..

Check out the Ibanez UV7BK, UV777, or a RG7620 or RG7621 (depending on if you want a trem or fixed bridge.)
You're not going to find those new anywhere, you'd have to do a little searching for them, but they're well worth it.
Wow... I'm not even going to waste my time.

deadmansdiary If you're just looking new, definitely look into an EBMM JP7. If you want to go the custom route, Carvin has a ton of options.
For around $1500 you can get a customized Carvin dc727 and put in a set of Bareknuckle 7 string pickups (since carvin 7 string pups are kinda crappy). It's what I am planning on doing soon.

If you dont or cant get a carvin, look at the Jem 7 and EBMM Petrucci 7s.
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like guitarmeister said, do you want a trem or a fixed bridge? MIJ Ibanez's are great if you can get a good deal on one. also 2,000 what? if its USD then you could go custom if you want, i'd reccommend it. as far as new sevens that are out:

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there are plenty more as well. are you willing to look at eBay?
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Get the RG8427..... its a j-custom ibanez model. mahogany body and hot dimarzio original pickups.
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Vigier Supra 7 String.

They make some nice guitars. I'll take a Vigier fretless...
i would say for metal a schecter blackjack or hellraiser would be the best, im not much for paying upwards in the thousands and not having a set neck on a guitar, but thats my pet peeve i guess, or you could try ESPs viper 407
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Jackson, 24 frets, reverse headstock, Seymour duncans, floyd rose tremolo, retails at about £500-£800
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n00b :/ Anyway id say a jem universe 777

Ps:schecter06 your sig is stuipid thats not funny at all. there are sometimes lights on the front of the amp that tell you if the tube has blown...not thatd youd know that. and as for his spelling some people that join up are from foreign countries :/