Hey guys..I'm looking to install a tremolo bar (whammy bar) on my guitar. I'm kinda confused because it doesn't have the slot to just put one in soo what do i do?
One of my friends said that I need to get a new bridge with a whammy bar installed. If that's true what kind of bridge and where can I get it?
Its a guitar that one of my dad's friends built. It has a strat body but a gibson type head (3 tuners per side)
Well, if it's a decent guitar and you really want a Whammy, you'll end up investing about 200-300 bucks.

I'd suggest you save up and buy one that already has a Tremolo.
Yaeh I was thinking about buying maybe a squier strat or something like that..any other suggestions on a guitar with a trem?
Well, what type of music do you like playing? And what's your budget?

But if you'd like to stay with the strats, buy a Fender Standard, squiers a crap.
Well actually I wanted to try to learn how to play like Eddie Van Halen and that's pretty freakin hard if you don't have a trem bar soo..yeah. And uh $400-500 is probably the most I could spend.
Maybe a Jackson DXMG.

Look at Ibenez and ESP too. It seems you wanna play some Metal and well those are the 3 best Metal guitar building companies.