this is my first attempt at trying to write a song and put lyrics to it and i was wondering what is easier..

trying to write the guitar first and put lyrics to the guitar part


write the lyrics and then figure out guitar part that will go with lyrics.

or is there another way that you guys go about writing songs?
I found that at first it was easier to write lyrics to an existing melody. However, if you're good enough at guitar to come up with music to lyrics, I find that if you write the lyrics first you will get a much better song. Basically if you write lyrics without any music, you can get a message across. If you're writing lyrics to an existing tune, you might be limited.

It also depends on the type of music you're making. If you're playing something which is heavy guitar where the lyrics don't matter than you should write guitar first. If you're going for more of simple chords but with a message, write the lyrics first.
i agree completely with Mr.Pink. i find that sometimes when i write a song on guitar first, i have trouble writing lyrics to mach the music and the song never gets finished. but if you write the lyrics first, then you can imagine in your mind what the song is going to sound like and then transcribe that onto guitar. it also depends on you good you are at taking something thats in your head and writing it on guitar
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