when i try to play the guitar further up the neck i keep having to move my hand right around the neck of the guitar, and it slows me down heaps and i can't play cleanly.

the problem is this bit of the neck:

is it safe to sand that down / cut out a chunk of it so i can actually play up there?
yeah, i'm pretty sure that would just **** it up, just wishful thinking i guess

by the way, i'd just by some shitty strat copy before doing that, i'm not ****ing up my lp for it

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Yeah, almost every guitar is like that. Except an SG. If you listen to Angus Young, he's doing double bends on the 22nd fret in almost every solo. Try to play it on any other guitar... (well)

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No, don't mess with the neck joint.
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just work around it(I know it sux), but it really doesn't get any better than that. I have short fingers, and I just plant my thumb at the base there, and have worked my way around it. If it's way down there, it seems like I can dig in at the cutaway without planting my thumb anywhere. I am not sure if this will help you, but at that point you are so close to the pickups that I don't think it matters.