I'm thinking about buying a new guitar but, I don't know whether to buy 6 or seven strings. I play mostly metal guitar and I love bands like Korn, SOAD, Anthrax, Pantera...etc. but in order to play pretty much anything by Korn I'd have to play it on a 7-string guitar. What kind of 7-string should i buy (in a $400-500 price range)
ibanez has a few. I think ESP has one or two annnnnd thats all ive really heard of
Ibanez is like the main 7-string guitar company, I thought. Jackson has a few, but they're too expensive. Look up 7 strings on musiciansfriend, and check Ibanez.

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im lookin at buyin one of those this month possibly, either that or a 007
Ibanez RG7321 if you have a smaller budget
Ibanez RG7570 (I think thats what its called, the 7 string 1570) for a higher budget
Also when they come out/if you can find one if they are out try the S 7 string from ibanez, not sure what their prices are though.
I would go with a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser[EMG], but if you need better cleans you could get a Blackjack

The standard pickups are Duncan Designed, aka. Fake.
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if you dont wanna put out the cash for a 7 string,sometime i play korn in drop c,and it sounds fine,if i can get my mic to work,ill upload so random korn stuff,and let you hear it
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