I REALLY need some money guys and gals so help a brother out, I only need around 20$ so I'm letting these go CHEAP.

a set of SSS pups, in great shape, pretty hot, around 10k each. not a ton of lead but enough to add new wire to.


set of HSS pups pulled from an old Washburn, very nice sounding pickups, tons of lead on these, and gold painted pup rings. 15$ SHIPPED

paypal only please, shoot me a pm. I REALLY NEED CASH TO PAY THE ELECTRIC so please help meee out.

thanks : )
You should probably see if you cant find out at least a little more information about them. although for $15 it may not matter
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they're cheap replacements that don't sound bad, I don't have any specs or I'd hook you guys up, but someone, please help?