i had an idea the other day, its probably already been used tons of times already, but oh well...

i was thinking, what if you ran a overdrive pedal, with the overdrive up quite high into a distorted amp, with low(ish) distortion, or vise-versa...

what do you guys think it would sound like?
i never thought mixing OD and distortion pedals was a good idea. Use OD on tube amps and distortion pedals on SS amps. A lot of people use multiple OD pedals on tube amps, one set high and one low for a little boost. SRV did it with 2 tubescreamers, sounded damn good.
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with them both turned all the way up...yes it would, but i mean with one down LOW like the OD, and the distorion up high but not heaps...or vise-versa
An OD pedal through a Tube amp should sound fine, but thats if its really low gain, like 1 or 2.
From what I've gathered, an OD pedal with the Tube amp on high gain should just be a booster pedal, but thats only from reading around the forums and stuff. (no personal experience)
does great with a tube amp cause the OD will push the tubes harder. For an SS amp, itll just over distort and give a clipped sound. SS amps are better to run distortion pedals through the amps clean channel. This isnt a rule set in stone though, i fyou find a pedal and an amp that works well together, then by all means go for it. But this seems to be the general concensus/.

winno - adding an OD to a tube amp works great, almost at any gain level, if you balance the pedal and the amp fine. I use a low gain amp, keep it overdriven, and then overdrive my tubes again with an OD pedal. It doesnt act as a Volume booster becuase i keep the level on my pedal to match that of the amp, so when i stomp my pedal it just UPs the gain. The tone is tweaked to not alter the tone coming out of my amp. I turn off the OD pedal and switch ot my neck pickup with a rolled off volume to get my clean tones. One channel amps kick ass this way, very dynamic

there are tons of optoins to doing anything, it takes a lot of tweaking and expirmenting, but in the end whatever sounds good sounds good, theres no right or wrong ways of getting the job done

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If you do it on a valve amp, it'll sound great. Not so much on SS.

I use a OD with my Big Muff, sounds great.
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