Hi my friend has a digitech distotion factory and thinks its better then my zoom g2.1u multi effects which i dont think is true, so what do you boys and girls think?

p.s our band is based around the rock genre so if that helps you deciding,.....yeah....

thanks !
well see you later innovater
I have a distortion factory. And it's great for rock/hard rock/metal.
I have never tried the zoom, but if your'e satisfied with the sound, there's nothing wrong with it.
The Zoom G2.1u looks rather tasty in the line of multi effects imo.
Also, I'd say yours is "better" for it has more effects, and the volume/expression pedal functions.
But if you're talking on purely Distortion tones, then its personal preferrence (unless one has a really bad hissing or is broken etc.)