I'm looking into buying a Cole Clark FL2AC in the near future ( apparently 8 weeks to make one and bring it in) and was wondering if anyone new about the certain options that you have when purchasing. I want the block inlays, and a matte satin finish but in terms of some of the wood available I am stumped.

The Cole Clark site shows that you have a choice of:
Solid Bunya, Qld Maple or blackwood back and sides. What is the better wood? I know that is a strange question, but are there any pictures of the woods on the guitar as well? I would like to get a wood that looks and sounds nice, but don't have much choice in playing all 3 because I have to order in, and I'll be dead by the time I choose one! I am playing an FL1AC next week to see If I like the guitar, then plan on ordering an FL2AC.

Thank you for all the help!
I don't think the woods used in the sides will make a significant difference to the sound. The thing I would be looking at is if you get the Bunya soundboard or the Spruce one.

If it was me I would go for the Blackwood I think. Have no real reason why, but meh.
They don't mention choice of soundboard? Should I mention the Bunya one? and not get the spruce?
The search button is your friend...this is something I posted a few months ago:

Hey guys, I know that many of you are interested in Cole Clark acoustic guitars so I thought I'd share an experience I had recently. I emailed Cole Clark customer service with some questions about their "Fat Lady" range of acoustics, and I ended up getting an answer back from Brad Clark (founder of Cole Clark) himself. I think this will give you an idea of the standard of customer service at CC, and a pretty good insight into the nature of CC guitars:

Quote by me
My name's Jason Connor and I'm hoping to buy either an FL1A or an FL1AC sometime in the near future. There are a few things I'm a bit confused about and I was hoping you'd be able to help me out:

1) Can you please explain the tonal difference between:

* Top- Solid Bunya or "A" grade solid spruce top
* Solid Bunya, Qld Maple or blackwood back and sides

2) I've read that I can order direct from the factory, how exactly does this work? And will I be able to specify which woods I would like?
3) Does a cutaway detract from the tone of the guitar?

Thanks in advance, and I'm sure you probably hear this alot, but I'm stoked to have discovered a guitar company as passionate about guitars as I am. Keep up the great work!
Jason Connor.

Quote by Brad Clark
Hi Jason,

The question re Spruce, the gradings and Bunya is now the most frequently asked question, and a little difficult to answer.

Timber is naturally 'individual', and choices can be subjective.

The grading of Spruce: 18 to 20 growth rings, or years, per inch, meaning, 'close grain' strong, with limited 'run-out', meaning that the grain, from the side view of the guitar's soundboard, runs parallel with the soundboard, for strength reasons.

'AAA' may also mean light and even in colour, clear of sap pockets for instance, or any 'defect'. This does not mean that the instrument which is comprised of this will sound superior to the piece which is not.

In fact if one is considering a mellow sounding instrument, wider grain may be the considered choice, and colour and or 'defect' may well be irrelevant.

One brief of Cole Clark was to dispel some of what may be the industry's marketing bull****, forgiving the expletive.

We make simple solid timber instruments with high quality, realistic amplification: Affordable professional quality is our brief. Our ranges are simply visual upgrades, each model being better dressed than the previous. We refer to them as 'ladies', with no disrespect.

Some do not appreciate our candour: I recommend other brands.

Rosewood, Ebony and AAA Spruce are more expensive for reason that they are more expensive for us to purchase. Are they better?

Each timber or combination has its own sound signature: Maybe not better, just different, like individual voices.

Some have gotten used to 'traditional woods, choices', and so they are preferred.

Others simply make the judgement on a hearing, by comparison. This would be my suggestion, and yet the former is valid.

Bunya is almost as light in weight as Spruce, is generally a little stronger, is more even in growth, with a similar 'janka', crush, or softness. The sound reflects this.

Guitars of course reflect the construction, the woods, the finish, and then the player.

Often Bunya is colourful by comparison with Spruce, and in many instances where customers are not exposed to 'Spruce marketing', they will chose Bunya on sound and visual... Choice is a good thing!

I have avoided the 'A, 'AA' and 'AAA' 'gradings'.

But a good Spruce guitar is also good!

Spruce, northern hemisphere slow growth, can take several hundred years to reach a sufficient size to comprise a guitar's soundboard. Bunya can take 60 to 80 years and in a plantation, is indigenous to Australia, specifically southern Queensland. It grows well all year! Southern Queensland may be a nice place to grow! I advise we consider our environment, plant more trees. We love trees.

Bunya may well figure quite strongly in the future guitar making...

Cole Clark does demonstrate that without foregoing quality, environmentally friendly instruments have been created and are used by some of the world's best players.

I also have one.

We add value to our guitars by design and working on them for longer: I would say that we deploy our technology well, finally, hopefully, to the customer's advantage'. We work hard.

We do not sell direct: Respect to the shops who stock and show ranges of many brands: We all need to eat!

I would say that the cutaway can reduce the instrument's bottom end and efficiency a little.

We may need to 'FAQ' some of this!

Thanks for your interest!
Brad Clark


As you can see from my sig though, I ended up getting a Maton. IMO Cole Clark is a bit overrated/overhyped, especially in this forum (check out the guitar brand game - last time I checked, Cole Clark was dominating and most people who have voted for them probably haven't played one). I got really sucked into the hype and was desperate to get a Cole Clark, but when I actually played them, they were nowhere near as good as people have said they are. I played about 10 Cole Clarks and 10 Matons and the Matons were far better at your price range.

If you were looking for something around the price of a Fat Lady 1, I'd say go for that because the equivalent Maton isn't as good. But for the price of a Fat Lady 2, the Maton CW80 is way better, and it comes with a free hardcase.

But that's just my opinion
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Not sure about that wood on the back.

Top- Solid Bunya or “AA” grade solid spruce top

taken from

hopefully someone else will be able to help you with the sound properties of these woods and what wood is used on the back of that guitar. Cos I'm no good at that, I just know what i think sounds good and what plays nicely.

No matter which way you go with the woods and all you will get a fantasic guitar. They are really really nice.

Oh, and I dunno where abouts you live, but in Melbourne, at the Acoustic Centre there is/was an FL2AC in stock. I think it was the FL2, but it may have been the FL3, i was looking for the FL1 and didnt have enough time to try stuff that i will not be able to afford any time soon. Next time I'm there I'll probs have a look at it a bit closer though.
Acoustic centre! I forgot about them, and yes I do live in Melbourne. Billy hyde were gonna sell me the FL2AC for 1359 with block inlays and everythin. I'll try acoustic centre. I emailed cole clark about the wood, I just like the dark wood.
Yeah the acoustic centre is great.
I went in their for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the fact that they had a nice leather couch there and the guys I was talking to was a really nice guy. Seemed happy to just have a random talk.
Just talk to them about how much they will sell it to you for.
They should be able to give you a good deal.
A hard case thrown into the deal is always sweat too.
lucky i could only afford a fla 1 ac o well it was only 1000 billy hyde give a high really price in melbourne try guitar paradise in richmond they are pretty good price there very straight forward so u dont' need to bargin and shyt
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I really like the wood I posted, I think it is blackwood. I tried an FL1AC today but it seemed a bit dodgy. The intonation was out... :s
If you like Jack Johnson's guitar looks and sounds, get the Bunya top with QLD Maple back and sides...
Where's DJaye? usually he's all over anything to do with cole clark...
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