I need an OD that will be good for instrumental lead work (think Satch, Vai, Petrucci) but has a fairly unique tone. I've been trying to narrow my selection down and heres what I've got: VS Jekyll and Hyde, Digitech Bad Monkey, Digitech Screamin Blues, or Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive. My price range is around $100 and my gear is in my sig. What are your opinions on these and do you have any better suggestions?
the sparkle drive is cool and unique among OD pedals because you can mix in your clean signal to make it sound like you're running two amps--one clean and one overdriven. for that, i'd go with the voodoo lab. other options you didn't mention are the Bixonic Expandora, KLON Centaur, Proco Rat (go with a vintage one), or the now-discontinued Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive.