ok i perfer SS....now that i got that out of the way. i was wondering if i should go for the Line 6 Spider II HD Head(i think the Spider III's are pointless) or the Podxt live pedal board. i play mostly metal. the link to my band is on my sig. check us out! anyways i just want something that has versatility and punch. should i go for affordable(head) or save more for more options and features(pedalboard)???

EDIT: i was also looking at the Floor POD plus.
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Playin' metal with ibanez guitar?????? Yhe worst thing i've ever heard....

But. I think pedalboard is the best vriant for you. I can't explain =). May be, because i play mostly blues. =)
i wouldnt buy a line 6 spider, they sound pretty mediocre and are not really worth the money. if you must buy something now i think the podxt is a better choice. if you can save up for a tube amp.
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Well I first off wouldn't advise spending so much on an SS head, maybe look into the modelling amps, but if you really like SS amps then you do.

As for me I say get the POD XT live you'll be able to do alot more with it.
What amp do you currently have?
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If you prefer the sound of an SS then look into getting a good SS. Something like a Randall V2 or T2, Maybe a used Madison Solace (That's the SS one, right? I always get teh names confused) or Something
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i know it's a bit of a pricey option, but you could always go with a single channel tube amp that was built for cleans (Fender Bassman, Ampeg VT-22, etc) and use a Line 6 Floor POD. there's another guy on here who does just that, and it seems to work well for him. that way, you've got the options of digital modeling technology and the tube amp will help warm it up.
hmmm, actually a great amp for you would be a Line 6 Flextone II, great amps for metal, and if you spend the extra $100 for the floorboard, you have a full bank of effects, the flextones sound awesome, 300 watts, and more effects than i could figure out what to do with, you can usually find them used for $500-$600, i tried the HD147s, theyre ok but the flextone sounds better and its cheaper, but it is discontinued
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