very cool the intro was really good and the solo, the vocals werent bad, and were there violins towards the end cause that was pretty awesome keep it up

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This is really cool. It's like techno mixed with metal. The guitar line in the intro is really catchy and then the octaves on guitar sound really good. The vocals are not as metal as they could be, but they are still pretty good. If the vocals were more like james hetfield or maybe even heavier. The double bass drums go well. I thought your music video thing was funny, too. Keep it up and i think you critted mine if i remember correctly, so thanks. Here it is again if you didnt. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
this is kool! the effect is really kool at the begging. i like the music so far as well...just waiting for the vox to kick in. the vocals are good but they dont seem to fit all that well. there quite good but they sound more metal if you know what i mean...but they are really good though. some of the harmonies sound off...there in key but the voice just doesnt have the right tone. the solo is pretty good...but it could use more rythm behind it iw ould say it sounds kinda empty. nice job

and thanks for criting mine
hey man thats pretty cool, it kind of sounds like slow trivium or something haha. like someone said, it is a catchy riff, cool song dude! thanks for the crit
I don't dig metalcore much, but this song was done very well.
I liked the intro though, really liked it. The drums gave it a real nice touch, are they real or programmed? Vocals sounded pretty good, it'd sound cool with screaming mixed in also.

Good job. Crit mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525036
The music and drums were very well done and didn't let up one bit in the song it sort of carried it the whole way, I just think the vocals could have been synced a bit better they seemed to come in at different times and off time, but i really really like the tune for the vocals this song is really good keep it up