my brother just died and i inherited, among other things, his bass. . . there's no way i'm selling it so just what do i do with this thing?!? i'm normally a (acoustic) guitar freak so how does this exotic four-stringed creature work? HELP!

In case it helps, i also got k's and k's of leads and there is an amp and a mixer.
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Sorry to hear about your brother. Are you saying you actually want to learn bass?
sorry about your brother.. well.. just fool around with it a little.. you'll get to play in some time..
My heart for you and your family, and a toast to your brother. Cheers!

Rock that bass, man.
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Sorry to hear about your brother, hunny.

Welcome to the bass forum, I'm guessing you haven't been here much if you've not played bass before. We're a friendly lot (apart from Applehead ) and you can get pretty much any question on bass answered here. First of, what kind of bass is it? If you keep experimenting with it you'll get the hang of playing. If not, you can always use it to decorate a wall.
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When I made the transition from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to bass I noticed that there's a major difference in the attack you make on the strings. Basically, you don't pluck the strings but you strike them by 'walking' your fingers over them if you catch my drift. If you get that, it's be no problem and you just transfer all yoru guitar knowledge over to the bass. And if you use a pick anyways it'll be even easier to pick up the bass.

Have fun and use it well, but I'm really interested to know what kind of bass it is, and condolences on your loss. ^_^
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Sorry to hear about your brother but just have it there to noodle around on a bit when you feel like it. Unless you want to learn it properly, in which case take lessons or something.
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Sorry for your loss.

As for the bass, do you actually want to learn to play it, or are you keeping it for sheer sentimental value?

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learn to play it.....
or if u dont wanna do that put it in a glass case and kep as a sorta shrine thingy.
i suggest playin it.
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sorry for your loss man
a bass can basicly just follw the guitar and play the root notes of the chords on a song, or it can go along with the kick drum, or it can be crazy and all over the place like when cliff burton or les claypool play.
the transition from guitar to bass is awkward especially because of the sheer mass of the bass, youll play it for a while and get used the having your arm out further and having these huge strings to pick through, your fingers will be soar from the burn of the the massicve strings, and then you got to pick up your guitar and youll be like "oh my god, its so tiny!" lol happened with me
Sorry to hear about your brother man. Yeh like above, roots is a good place to start
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I'll say this now, bass uses all the same theory as guitar, you just play one note at a time. Though nots a limit at all, in fact it takes one of the fun parts of guitars and expands it. Try reading the lessons here and the lesson of the month stickies.

Very sorry about your loss (ignore them smiling, imagine this )
Sorry to hear. Just out of curiousity, what kind of bass is it?
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not to be an ass just curious but how did he die? anyways id just fool around with it and maybe figure some basslines out

my band ^