electro harmonix is the bomb.
great quality pedals, but like all pedals, you should try them with your rig, they dont always work for everybody...as far as build and reliability, these things are built to last,

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The booster is a great pedal, if you are looking for a clean drive to help push your tube amp. I have the small clone and the metal muff and both sound great and are built very well.
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yeh i got a nano switchblade and it rocks. got it for no reason, i use it to make my pedal collection bigger lol
the clone theory is REALLY noisy. i had it for all of 3 days before i had to sell it again. it sounds great, but it's got way too much hiss. the nano stone is a really good pedal. i have both it and the USA stone, and they sound identical. i haven't tried the others, so i can't comment, but i hear good things about the polyphase.