i went to a music store and tried out the vox ad50vt amp

iv heard heaps of good things about it so you could say my expectations were a bit high

i just couldnt get it to sound nice.

the cleans were ok. pretty good if u tried hard enough and the distortion was blah. just bad

got worse as i turned it up

i was playing through an ibanez s series. not sure which one exactly

im gonna try out the roland cube next time i go in

any other suggestions?


and i play metal, rock, like, heavy stuff.
Whilst I don't have any suggestions in that pricerange I'll say that I've never heard a new vox that's wowed me too much. All of their best stuff is vintage, or the vintage reissue, AC30 and that era.

My suggestion would be to save up for a while and buy something all tube, if you want something a little cheaper have a look at the Peavey Valveking range, it won't do a real modern, over-saturated sound but it does deliver a healthy serve of vintage crunch on overdrive and the cleans are about as clean as they come. On top of all that you can get the 112 combo for only 995 aussie dollars.
yer im defiently considering just saving till i bleed

instead of getting a $500 amp only to replace it in a year coz the tone is blah

are tubes that much different to ss in terms of maintenance and stuff