my unknown ibanez is 5 way pup switch,with 2 split coil hum.i'm going to swap the bridge pup to emg 85,and making it to 3 way switch,is it possible?if possible i'm going take the guitar to the shop for modding it.thx
Wiring active and passive together is apparently a shitload of work and probably not worth it anyway..

So uh either get all actives or look for a different passive HB to put in the bridge.

Get an 85 and a 60 in the neck?
I don't think you can do it - and if you can it's not really worth the effort. The pickups are all going through the same volume and tone controls so it'll screw things up, either go all active or just put a decent passive in there.

In fat, scratch that - put pickups on the backburner until you've got a good amp...
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