Hey guys!
I've got a wide selection of technical books to choose from:
-Frank Gambale - The Frank Gambale Technique Book I
-Frank Gambale - The Frank Gambale Technique Book II
-Greg Howe - Speed Metal Neoclassical Styles
-Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1 - Cutting-Edge Techniques
-Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 2 - Advanced Techniques
-Jean Marc Belkadi - Advanced Scale Concepts And Licks For Guitar
-Jean Marc Belkadi - Slap and Pop Techniques For Guitar
-Michael Fath - Hard Rock Arpeggio Studies
-Michael Fath - Hard Rock Tapping Studies
-Michael Fath - Paganini Caprice 24

I'm a guitar player who mostly have taught myself how to play. I haven't got any teacher because there simply aren't anyone who are willing to teach me! I'm a pretty decent player, who has developed a very bluesy style. Perhaps a bit like slash.
I've been working with chromatics for some months, to improve my speed, and I will continue this. I'm getting faster every week(when I have the time to practice).
But now I want to go further and develope a clean and good technique, so I can play faster and BETTER(cleaner), but still with a lot of feeling.

I have two questions:
- Which book is the best for me to begin with?
- And what should I do to develope my playing? ( I figured following a book/teacher was the best.)

Thank you, Mats
Yeah, I downloaded that torrent too.

The Belkadi books are horrible. There's no explanation of what he's doing at all.

The Govan and Gambale books are the best of the lot. I would suggest starting with Creative Guitar 1 and going to Creative Guitar 2 before you go to the FG books.
Take a look at the 'The Advancing Guitarist' by Mick Goodrick and 'Chord Chemistry' by Ted greene.

The creative series is alright but i feel there is too much writing at the start.
IMO, there's only one book on "technique" that REALLY truely actually gives you
detailed information on technique: "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar".

Not to say other books are worthless, but you have to look at what technique
really means -- the physical study of how to accomplish and practice what you
want to do on the guitar. Most of those books will describe the "technique" in
a general way (too general to be of much value), give you some exercises, and then
throw you in the deep end of the pool and hope you can swim.

The Principles is THE technique book to start out with. It will really help make all
those other books much more effective.
I didn't like The Principle book... it could've been shortened to PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR TENSION.

To the books on that list, I didn't like them all that much (though I haven't looked at the Frank Gambale books) I prefer some of the Troy Setina books and a book called Rock Guitar Secrets.
I started with "Modern Method for Guitar," "Shred is not Dead," and "Rising Force." After two years I could play "Kissing the Shadows."
Quote by shoted
I didn't like The Principle book... it could've been shortened to PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR TENSION.

It's quite a bit more than that. I'd shorten it to "This is how it will feel to play
whatever you want at any speed with complete ease and how to practice it".
But, you can probably trivially shorten any book if you want to. The devil's in the