Hey guys!
I've got a wide selection of technical books to choose from:
-Frank Gambale - The Frank Gambale Technique Book I
-Frank Gambale - The Frank Gambale Technique Book II
-Greg Howe - Speed Metal Neoclassical Styles
-Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 1 - Cutting-Edge Techniques
-Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 2 - Advanced Techniques
-Jean Marc Belkadi - Advanced Scale Concepts And Licks For Guitar
-Jean Marc Belkadi - Slap and Pop Techniques For Guitar
-Michael Fath - Hard Rock Arpeggio Studies
-Michael Fath - Hard Rock Tapping Studies
-Michael Fath - Paganini Caprice 24

I'm a guitar player who mostly have taught myself how to play. I haven't got any teacher because there simply aren't anyone who are willing to teach me! I'm a pretty decent player, who has developed a very bluesy style. Perhaps a bit like slash.
I've been working with chromatics for some months, to improve my speed, and I will continue this. I'm getting faster every week(when I have the time to practice).
But now I want to go further and develope a clean and good technique, so I can play faster and BETTER(cleaner), but still with a lot of feeling.

I have two questions:
- Which book is the best for me to begin with?
- And what should I do to develope my playing? ( I figured following a book/teacher was the best.)

Thank you, Mats