Hi i've been around this topic for quite awhile but i still don't seem to get the idea of it, so far what i've figured is that modulation involves the change of key by using a pivot, like lets say a song in the key of C, when it goes on to Fmaj7, the song changes key and the next chord would be a Gm7 which is not in the key of C, but then again i'm just very confused with the concept and all, can anyone enlighten me?
Modulation is simply going from one key to another.

Say my song is in the key of G major. I play the song normally the after the bridge I play the chorus, the first time in the original key and the second time I modulate to A major.
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You seem to have the basic idea. Modulation just means a key change. Sometimes a pivot chord is used, but not always.
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